Friday, August 1, 2008

We have a winner!

LA Mitchell, you won a copy of The Brightest Heaven. Your name was drawn by the innocent hand of my 13-yr old (cough, cough, hack... excuse me, it's just a sip of wine that went down the wrong pipe... yeah, and I'll stick to that; but the drawing by my kid is true; she was pleased to do it, even though she tried to extort exorbitant dues out of me).

Thank you to all for stopping by and for leaving comments, thank you for visiting my site and taking a look at my trailer! I had fun making it.

Please come back to check on my random postings here and on LiveJournal (although they're usually cross-posted).

If you want more contests, stay tuned! Because now that mine is over, another one begins!

Dancing with Fate, the newest story of the Song of the Muses, just came out, and Hywela Lyn, the author, is offering her own prize to a lucky winner:

I love water and we (Hywela Lyn and I) thought it would be a nice idea to give a pendant as a prize. It's a water droplet on a silvery chain, with a tiny heart. I think it's beautiful and all you have to do to win it is leave a comment here, with the answer to this simple question: What is the name of my 'golden horse' ? You'll find the answer on the same side of my My Space as the video. Look for the picture of me riding her, and the answer is close by.

Look for the answer on Terpsichore's MySpace.

Check up on the other Muses on the Muse MySpace.

And come back to visit, right!

The Contest is over!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Stay tuned for the results: I will announce the winner this weekend.