Friday, August 8, 2008


It all started because I missed teaching. It turned out that teaching helps me focus my own thoughts and organize my knowledge. But it continued because I'm having fun.

What? My workshops.

To date, I have two set up, and one more in the works.
  • A basic introduction to the Web
  • A workshop on writing blurbs
  • An upcoming second-level workshop on editing Web pages
The Websites workshops are very basic, and they're geared towards people who are good with words but bad with technology. And don't have the inclination to wade through technospeak.

After years and years of struggling to communicate with my husband about our websites on the same advanced level as we do when it comes to our lectures, to literature, and to everything else, I realized that some people can think computers, and some people can't. It's just the way you organize your thoughts. And no, it doesn't make you a machine-like zombie. Just odd in a different way. But then all writers are a bit odd, right?

I'm geeky. I love computers. I love to play with them. Using the computer to write is as much delight as composing sentences and finding the right word.

Strange isn't it? When the story flows, the act of typing the words gives me as much pleasure as seeing the resulting text align itself on the page. Doing it with pen and paper just isn't the same.

I wonder how it would work with pen and quill...

Nah. Too messy.

Anyway. Too many projects happening at once, as always. But if you're curious, check out Otter Creations for the next upcoming workshop and join me for the fun. The more participants the merrier. And if you do join in, don't hesitate to ask questions! That's what I'm doing this for. How do I know what you really want to know if you don't ask?

Oh, and if you have any ideas for future workshops, I'm listening. I'm not saying I'll do them (assuming I can do them), but I'll surely think on it.