Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holidays Approaching!

There are presents everywhere. Under our tree (it seems to sprout them), at work, on the Internet.
I've been busy at work with the end-of-semester rush (all the grades that need to be collected, students registering at the last moment, and a zillion requests from all the offices of the University coming in at the same time).
So has the Wild Rose Press. As usual, my publisher proves to be more than a business, it is a virtual home on the Web. We have coffee hours (chats), our own mail system (the mailing lists), games (like the Win a Sony E-Reader contests), and gifts!
The latest offering is a cookbook! And it's free!
Recipes gathered by WRP writers and formatted with the usual skill and flair by the WRP editors.
I can't wait to be on vacation to play with all the toys I already got! And my family had this look in their eyes today, so I can expect something fun under the tree, too!
And don't forget that there's no waiting for an e-book! You can buy it and have it even on Christmas Day, should you have forgotten someone!

If you like the supernatural, myths, and other strange happenings, check out the Song of the Muses collection. My story, The Brightest Heaven, is one of 9.

And they're available in print, too!