Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Dragon of Croatia: A Review

If you're in the mood for a lovely, romantic short story, The Wild Rose Press is the place for you. Try for instance the following:

The Dragon of Croatia

by Valerie Everhart
Available from The Wild Rose Press (a Miniature Rose).

Sun, sea... and damp caves?
If you know anything about Europe, you'll understand that the combination isn't that unusual. Calie Stewart is determined to enjoy all three throughout her vacation on the Adriatic Sea. Sunbathing, sea-fishing, and exploring ancient caves. Far away from manipulative agencies and controlling ex-lovers.
But when she discovers the one cave she hoped to find, she also realizes that some jobs are more than professions. They are destinies. And overbearing males are unavoidable. As are ancient secrets, true love, and heartbreak.
Take a trip to the sun-heated shores of Croatia and go on a roller-coaster ride with Valerie Everhart as we dodge smugglers, free a dragon, and cheer for Calie. Can a dragon bound to visit a little village for ten days once a century find true love with an ordinary woman? Let Valerie Everhart tell you in The Dragon of Croatia.

Valerie Everhart is also working on her part of the Song of the Muses anthology, coming out this spring in e-book format, and this fall in print, from The Wild Rose Press.

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