Thursday, April 3, 2008


I have a thing about transitions.

I absolutely hate them.

Mostly, I hate writing them. The best transitions are those that disappear under a scene change (you know, when you see the mysterious *** or ### or even a singe * in the middle of a page).

But even then, you have to start the next scene with a smooth introduction. If it were a movie instead of a written story, you would have to be sure to have a well-crafted camera movement. No jerks, no broken film. No discontinuity where your character is suddenly wearing a purple dress instead of a Marine uniform.

But transitions happen in life, too, and I hate them with just as much passion. You're motoring along, everything is fine and dandy, and then something hits you. You have to slam on the brakes on the highway, or you have to get up in the middle of a fine dinner, or you have to interrupt your TV watching right at the best scene...

Or you're trying to start a new story after you've finished a marathon session on the previous one.

It's not like I don't know where I'm going.

It's all planned out. I have met my characters and I like them. I even like my villain (as much as one can like a villain).

So I keep procrastinating.

Someone kick me. Or something. Not too painful.

Of course, getting sick for a whole weekend extended weekend didn't help.

But still.

Where is my Muse when I need her?

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