Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm cleaning, I'm cleaning!

I just read this blog by Tara West:

MySpace.com Blogs - CLEAN UP YOUR LOITER - Tara MySpace Blog

Well, I thought that Tara meant it literally, but her post had me laughing, and then thinking... and now back to laughing.

So I'm cleaning up my loiter.

The fact is, I've been loitering a lot lately. Not really by choice, mind you, but I've been seen loitering in the rooms of nursing homes waiting for my father-in-law while he got ready to leave when I came to pick him up. I've been known to loiter in coffee houses and public libraries in search of a fast internet connection. I've found myself loitering in the den of my in-laws' apartment in-between bouts of fetching ice water and fixing dinners.

And before that, I was loitering at my day job.

What I haven't been doing is posting on my blog and writing stories.

Hopefully, I'll start cleaning up the litter of my life and get around to actually do something productive (now if it came with some green attached to it, wouldn't that be mah-velous, but hey, I'll take a vacation from all the loitering while I can).

One act of clean-up is to offer a workshop... on writing (see the previous post). Another is to clean up my work area (that's physical cleaning, and other, better writers have chronicled such a process).

But most importantly, I'm beginning to hear my characters speaking to me.

And you know how sweet that sound is.

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