Friday, June 26, 2009

Making Stuff

... or a day with my daughter.

Sometimes, your day just won't go the way you plan it. But it may go better.

There's writing planned for every one of my days. At least three kinds. And Internet work, and some computer study time... But some days, I don't really get to sit in front of my monitor and do all that stuff.

Like today. I was pulled out of my comfy cave by my daughter's pleas for help and by colorful scraps of fabric.

We made a tote. Doesn't seem like much, does it, to you crafters out there? But to a beginner, that meant learning patience. Thinking things through. Making choices. Learning about types of fabric and the purpose of different notions. Discovering the sewing machine. Learning to measure and cut and pin.

Learning about patience again, and listening.

But most of all, it was having Mom's undiluted attention. And doing something I like with my daughter and having fun.

Next training session: spending time together in companionable silence.

But that may be a very advanced skill.

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Anonymous said...

If your theory about living near medieval castles is right, then I must have gotten eaten by the lions during my past existence. Some of my alien beings are cannibals. I keep my notes in the computer, rather than on paper.
It would behoove me to heed what you said about charting the positions of your world's moon. One area I find myself getting hung up on is converting our time to that of the aliens, and vice versa.

Thanks for a great post!
Dark Side of the Moon